The association of the Amis du Château de Langoiran

The association of the Amis du château de Langoiran (« friends of the castle of Langoiran »)

The castle of Langoiran is a private property, owned by Mr and Mrs Robert Bibonne since 1971, but the restaurations and the animations are managed through an association : the Amis du Château de Langoiran.

This association is a non-profit-making organization depending on the french law from 1901. Robert Bibonne created it in 1972 to support the restauration of the castle. The first name that was given to the association clearly states its objectives : "historical, archeological and cultural association for the protection, the restoration an the renovation of the castle of Langoiran ».
This name has been shortenned since, but the objectives remain the same: restore the castle, keep it alive, and give it back its reknown.

In the 1970’s, the fortress was deeply ignored. It was abandonned and the people of the village used to call it the ”heap of stones”. Now it is again "the castle Langoiran", and the castle is back to life.
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It is openned to visitors, and many animations as well as wedding receptions are held there. Above all the castle is inhabitated again : Mr and Mrs Bibonne live in it since 1999 ; and ou may live there for some time too as you can enjoy a B&B in the castle !

These various activities allow the association of the Amis du château to follow its goals, as they help finance the restoration and make use of the castle – use is life!